Nightclub Engineer would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little about who we are and what we can do to help make your venue the ultimate benchmark for nightclubs around the world.

We are a company that specializes in Operations, Sound & Lighting Systems, Interior Design, Consultation, Concepts, Research, Staffing, & Liquor control systems.

Over the years Nightclub Engineer has had the opportunity to interact with clients to design and build Nightclubs against which all other Nightclubs are measured.

While our approach to Nightclubs is rooted in solid, proven technologies, we are also aware that every club and every space is unique; we are constantly seeking improvements and advancements. The right mix of Vibe and feel are the secrets behind our designs and success of our projects. With that in mind, we design all of our Nightclub environments to meet your exact needs; while all of our ideas are formulated specifically to help our clients make the right choices.

We have nearly 25 years of combined Nightclub Ownership, Customer Relations, and DJ experience and have achieved an excellent track record. We are confident that we can design your club with the best sound, lights and most awesome concept in the city, but more importantly a place where club-goers and DJs from all over the country will want to join in and feel "The Experience" as well.

There are so many companies that take advantage of club owners, being club owners ourselves we understand the budget issues. With our reputation and our connections we guarantee you’ll be provided the best quality at the lowest price in the entire industry. Whether you're a 20-year veteran or a first timer, Nightclub Engineer can handle virtually all of your business needs. No budget is too large or too small Nightclub Engineer will dedicate itself to making your business our #1 priority!


As with all concepts they must be well thought out and executed 100% to its maximum ability. Think of your concept as a creation that your Target Market needs, used to have or never had. There are a vast amount of concepts but it's up to all partners to come to an agreement. Nightclub Engineer will fine-tune the concepts down to the last detail. Once the concept is in place the designing begins.

When you hire Nightclub Engineer we will design your Bar or Nightclub using some of the finest interior and exterior designers which will help your venue look incredible inside as well as outside.

Your venue not only represents you but your customers, your city & your state. If you make the exterior look great your neighbors will love you and your elected officials will have more reason to support you and your business. The first and foremost word everyone should say when walking in to your venue is “WOW!” When you have the WOW factor you know that Nightclub Engineer has done its job and that your money was well spent! Every aspect of your club must have the proper architectural layout from the length of the bar to the location of the DJ’s booth alongside the Dance floor, the placement and decor of the bathrooms. Additionally the location and amount of emergency exits are vitally important for the safety of all. These issues are essential to the satisfaction of your customers.

How will your customers react when they enter your establishment whether there are 100 or 2,000 inside?
How do they feel when the sound system is at its peak?
What is their overall experience when its time to leave at the end of the night?

Customer Satisfaction is the most important aspect of a returning customer.


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If you’re interested in buying equipment or you have a bid on your desk that’s way to high. Let Nightclub Engineer solve your problems being ex club owners ourselves we know how crazy the sound companies and light techs, POS companies, Plumbers, electricians, can be with prices. We at nightclub Engineer will beat any quote by 15%. Any quote you have to do with a nightclub, bar or restaurant we will meet the quality and beat the price with a 1 year guarantee. If your In Florida beware many of the contractors are lazy and slow not everyone but a high percentage. Were from up north and we are used to working hard and having deadlines met.


Location, Location, Location! Without the right location you may as well save your money. The neighbors will close you down, your customers won't support you or your competition will eat you alive. If you need Nightclub Engineer to research a location for you, we will spend up to 30 days researching its history, the neighbors, the area competition, parking and the businesses that you may impact miles away. The location will determine what you pay monthly from either rent or cam.

Depending on the size and the scope of work required by Nightclub Engineer we would develop a project within a year (give or take a few months). The time frame is based on how the city’s attitude towards working with us, Health Dept. issues, Plumbing, Electrical, Building Inspector and Fire Inspectors. Nightclub Engineer has excellent carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC team.

We have developed clubs like “Liquid” in 30 days! We’re talking full-blown excavation and renovation! It only took 4 months In Orlando for “Destiny” which was a 24,000 Sq. Ft. excavation and remodeling, 5 months for “Posh” a 10,000 Sq. Ft. excavation and remodeling. These are great time frames though sometimes the city can stall a project and the customer.

Listed below is what you will need to do in order to start your business:

  • Write a Business Plan
  • Establish Finances
  • Research the local competition
  • Select an Architect, Interior Designer & Bar Consultant
  • Find potential sites for your venue & then select one
  • Find a Solicitor & Accountant
  • Design a Concept
  • Design your Bar or Nightclub
  • Market Research
  • Submit Planning Applications
  • Source Suppliers
  • Find Furniture
  • Meet your local police & building control
  • Apply for licenses which include building & liquor licensing
  • Build your Bar or Nightclub
  • Source Management
  • Create Standard Operation Procedures
  • Set up Sound & Lighting
  • IT
  • Recruit Staff
  • Issue Press Releases
  • Create & Print Menus
  • Marketing
  • Buy Equipment
  • Organize Entertainment
  • Order in Stock items
  • Train Staff
  • Host a VIP Opening party
  • Open doors to the club


Our list of  clients past & present:

  • DESTINY    (Orlando Fl)
  • THE CHURCH   (Orlando Fl)
  • POSH   (Orlando Fl)
  • LADY BUG   (Milwaukee Wi)
  • TASTE   (Hollywood Ca)
  • UP   (Hollywood Ca)
  • LIQUID   (Milwaukee Wi)
  • MY HOUSE   (Milwaukee Wi)
  • CHROMIUM   (Chicago Il)
  • NITRO    (Chicago Il)
  • CLUB NU   (Chicago)
  • THE RIVIERA   (Chicago Il)


If you’re interested in buying equipment or you have a bid on your desk that’s way too high, let Nightclub Engineer solve your problems. Being club owners ourselves we know how crazy the sound companies, light techs, POS companies, plumbers and electricians can be with prices. Nightclub Engineer will beat any quote by 20%. If you have a quote whether it’s for a Nightclub, Bar or Restaurant we will meet the quality and beat the price with a 1 year guarantee!


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